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Miss Kiki Salon Presents... Online Store.
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Welcome to Miss Kiki Salon's Online Store.

A collaborative concept designed to celebrate and promote the work of emerging artists, photographers, illustrators, poets, musicians, writers and philosophers in new and compelling ways.
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  • Six Easy Pieces ....Limited Edition Silk Art Scarves Collection 2010

  • The inaugural collection of this exciting concept, Miss Kiki Salon, a London socialite and muse, has reproduced the artworks of carefully selected British creatives in a series of 90cm x 90cm silk scarves in a way that celebrates their work and creates a forum through which they can commune with individuals. Each silk panel is reproduced in a limited edition of 50.
  • Salon Kiku

  • Beautiful art silk scarves 90cm x 90cm created in collaboration with Kundalini Arts digitally printed on the highest quality silk. Limited editions of 100.

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